Day Trip to Laguna de Sayula, Jalisco, Mexico

laguna de sayula golden field with mountains

I had the good fortune of being invited on a photography group day trip to Laguna de Sayula, a continental salt marsh to the southwest of Lake Chapala in the state of Jalisco, Mexico. It was a great opportunity to get out into the countryside to experience some beautiful landscapes and visit a few small towns along the way.

Located in the Zacoalco-Sayula Valley, Laguna de Sayula is between the Tapalpa and Tigre mountain ranges of the Mexico Sierras. These mountain ranges made for beautiful backdrops when photographing this very unique and interesting place in the world. Marshy salt flats, fields of gold, and interesting clouds made for a pleasant day of photography and socializing with other photography-minded people.

We traversed a combination of highways and smaller back roads to reach our destinations. The highways were very well maintained. They were also beautified with the addition of many interesting sculptures including birds, cactus, and what appear to be dragon fruit or “Pitayas” as they are known in Mexico. As we took in the landscape and sculptures, friendly road workers marched toward us after making quick work of the grasses encroaching upon the shoulder of the highway.

We visited the quaint little towns of Poncitlan, Atoyac, Techaluta, and El Zapote as we made our way around and through the marshlands. I was quite taken with these small towns, as all were beautiful, colorful, and unique. Some of the smaller towns still used dirt roads and farm animals could be found in yards. Bicycles appeared to be a major mode of transportation as they were ridden and parked throughout these towns.

Like many places throughout Mexico, color was plentiful in these towns.

I’d like to offer special thanks to Ajijic InstaMeet for putting this day trip together. It was greatly appreciated as it provided a very unique opportunity during my stay in Chapala, Mexico. Ajijic InstaMeet is a very friendly local photography club located in the Lake Chapala area. If you would like to learn more about Ajijic InstaMeet, you can follow this link to the club’s facebook page here: Ajijic InstaMeet

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  1. Beautiful as always. I love your work and it helps me to learn about and see parts of Mexico that I would not have other wise.

    1. Hi Trish. Great to see you here again. Thanks for letting me know you are enjoying the content. It means a lot to get feedback like this and encourages me to keep going.

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