Benjakitti Forest Park, Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok Thailand Benjakitti Forest Park Landscape

Benjakitti Forest Park is located in the Khlong Toei District of central Bangkok, Thailand. Opened to the public in 2022, Benjakitti Forest Park is an expansion of the original Benjakitti Park as part of Bangkok’s 30-year plan to create more public park space.

The first time I visited Benjakitty Forest Park I was struck by its uniqueness and oasis-like beauty. It was hard to believe a place like this existed in the chaotic city of Bangkok. But as the sunrise broke through the high rises in the distance, the juxtaposition of the city skyline against the intensely green vegetation and meandering marshy ponds was glorious.

It is my understanding that Benjakitty Forest Park is not only beautiful but functional as well. The park can hold up to 128 million cubic meters of water. It acts like a giant sponge to manage water during Bangkok’s rainy season. The park also functions as a water treatment facility that is capable of treating up to 1,600 cubic meters of water per day.

Multiple paths, both elevated and at pond level, meander throughout Benjakiity Forest Park. These paths are designated for walking, running, and biking as they provide opportunities for both relaxation and exercise to the residents and visitors of Bangkok.

Early mornings tend to be tranquil at Benjakitty Forest Park. This was my favorite time of day to visit, explore, and enjoy the beautiful sunlight cast across the grasses, flowers, and water.

Late afternoons can get quite busy as people gather for sunset and search for wildlife from the observation platforms.

Providing a tranquil respite from a generally chaotic city, Benjakitty Forest Park was a highlight of my short time spent in Bangkok, Thailand. Not only is it beautiful, but it also encourages healthy outdoor activity, provides a wildlife refuge, and addresses water management issues. It is a wonderful example of what can be accomplished through great urban planning. I wish Bangkok well in its endeavor to create a greener city for its residents and visitors.

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    1. Hi Stephanie. Thanks for stopping by. I’m happy to hear you enjoyed the photos. I’ll try to keep them coming. Look for a Chiang Mai, Thailand entry soon.

  1. What a beautiful space. Well done Bangkok. I doubt it was there when I was in Bangkok in 2012, but for sure I’ll be seeking it out if I ever get back. Your beautiful photos brought it alive for me. And I do wish I was better at getting up for sunrise!

    1. Well done indeed. I definitely recommend a visit when you get back to Bangkok, especially in the early morning. I enjoyed walking the streets to the park that early in the morning as well. Blue hour, as us photographers like to call it, was a cool thing to experience in a new for me city. It’s one of those moments that causes you to pause, think, and live in the moment… “I am actually experiencing the streets of Bangkok at the crack of dawn.” Then there was the golden hour in the park, when many of the photos in this post were taken. So serene in the middle of all that chaos that is the big city.

  2. I appreciate your dedication to getting up at sunrise to get these cool pics for us. You’d never catch me doing that. Bangkok can certainly use more green space, so that’s nice to see. Did you see any monitor lizards cruising the water lanes?

    1. Hi Eric. That early morning light is worth it most of the time. Not that you can’t get great photos during other times of the day, but that time of day makes it easier. Surprisingly, I didn’t come across one in the first park. However, I did see one monitor lizard at The regular Benchakitti park. I also saw one in another canal while walking around Bangkok. I saw several in Malaysia as well. One that was particularly large was sunning himself on the edge of the River of Life in Kuala Lumpur.

  3. These are gorgeous pictures. They’re a reminder of the value of getting up and out early (occasionally), something my wife and I have done far too little of in our travels.

    Also, nature acting as a water treatment plant?!? Who woulda thunk it???

    1. Hi Jason. Always cool to see you stop by. Thanks for the kind words. Yes, getting up early can definitely produce some nice images. But hey, there is also something to be said for sleeping in at times. Benjakitti really is a cool little gem of a park in Bangkok. Too bad I wasn’t there a bit longer longer so I could check out Lumphini Park. Safe travels to you.

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